101. Tord Mun Goong
(Deep Fried Prawn Cake)

102. Ko Iek Chan "one more please"
(Spicy "3 kinds of crispy" - cashew nuts, prawns, squids & chilies)

103. Tord Mun Pla
(Deep Fried Fish Cake)

104. Tao Fu Tord
(Deep Fried Bean Curd with Satay Sauce)

105. Nuer Det Dieo
(Fried Sundried Beef)

106. Kor Moo Yang
(Grilled Pork Cheek with home made spicy sauce)

107. Peak Gai Tord
(Deep Fried Chicken Wings)

108. Pla Meuk Tord
(Deep Fried Squid)

109. Tord Lom Mit
(Thai Appetizers Platter - prawn cake, fish cake, spring rolls and spare ribs)

110. Pob Pea Tord
(Thai Spring Rolls)


201. Yum Plaa Muek
(Spicy Squid Salad with onions and tomatoes)

202. Yum Pakbung Krop
(Crispy Morning Glory vegetable salad served with a special sauce - minced pork, shrimps and squid)

203. Yum Lep Mu Nang
(Thai style spicy boneless chicken feet salad)

204. Yum Wunsen
(Glass noodles salad with minced pork, squids and prawns)

205. Goong Tse Nam Pla
(Prawns sashimi with special spicy sauce)

206. Yum Nuer Yang
(Traditional spicy sirloin beef salad with onions, cucumber, celery and tomatoes)

207. Yum Talay
(Spicy mixed seafood salad)

208. Yum Som O
(Tuk Tuk's fresh pomelo salad)

209. Yum Kor Moo Yang
(Spicy grilled marinated pork cheek salad)

210. Lar Moo/Nuer/Gai
(Minced pork with shallot, chili powder and lime - accompanied with lettuce)

211. Phat Hoi Lai
(Fried clams with spicy sauce)

212. Som Tum Thai with Shrimps
(Thailand most famous Green Papaya salad with tomatoes, chili, peanuts and shrimps)

213. Nam Tok Nuer
(Spicy Chiang Mai Beef Salad)

214. Nam Tok Moo
(Spicy Chiang Mai Pork Salad)

215. Pha Goong
(Steamed Prawn Salad with fresh Thai spices and herbs)


301. Tom Yum Goong
(Tuk Tuk's famous spicy and sour prawn soup)  

302. Tom Yum Talea
(Spicy and sour Seafood soup)

303. Tom Kha Gai
(Thai style chicken soup, coconut milk, galangal sliced, lemon grass, lime leaves and a dash of spice) 

304. Tom Yum Poh Tak
(Spicy and sour mixed seafood soup) 

305. Tom Yum Gai
(Spicy and sour chicken soup w/ lemon grass and lime) 

306. Tom Tsuet Vunsen
(Clear non-spicy with bean curd, vermicelli and minced pork)

Main Dishes

501. Pla Chon Boran
(Ancient style fried fish with lemon grass sliced lime leaves and shallots)

502. Pla Tord Lard Prik
(Deep fried fish topped with chili sauce or fried fish w/ garlic)

503. Fish w/ fish sauce
(Deep fried fish topped with fish sauce - and side papaya salad)

504. Pla Priew Wan
(Deep fried fish topped with sweet and sour)

505. Goong Tord Ga Tiem Prik Tai
(Deep fried prawn with pepper and garlic sauce)

506. Goong / Poo Obb Vunsen
(Tiger Prawn or Crabs with Vermicelli in Hot Pot)

507. Pla Sec Sac
(Steamed fish on stove with clear soup/spicy soup or lime soup)

508. Goong Priew Wan
(Sweet and sour prawn)

509. Goong Phat Nam Pric Pau
(Pan fried prawns or crabs with special curry paste)

510. Plaa Muek Nam Pric Pau
(Pan fried squids with special curry paste)

511. Goong sauce Ma Kamm
(Prawns with tamarind sauce)

512. Goong/Poo Phat Pong Curry
(Fried prawns or crabs w/ curry sauce and chili paste) 

513. Moo/Nuer/Gai Phad Prit Khing
(Stir fried pork or beef or chicken with hot curry paste and green beans) 

514. Moo/Nuer/Gai Phad Bai Ga-Prao
(Stir fried minced pork or beef or chicken with holy basil leaves, chopped garlic and chili (accompanied w/ lettuce)

515. Moo/Nuer/Gai Phad Priew Wan
(Sweet and sour pork or beef or chicken)

516. Gai Phad Med Ma-Maung
(Fried sliced chicken with cashew nuts and dried chili)

517. Moo/Nuer/Gai Phad Phed
(Fried pork or beef or chicken with young pepper, Thai eggplant and herbs)

518. Zee Klong Moo Tord Ga-tiem Prik Tai
(Deep fried spare ribs with garlic and pepper)

519. Khai Yat Sai Moo
(Omelette of minced pork, onion and tomato)

520. Khai Jeaw Moo Sap
(Thai omelette with minced pork)

521. Nuer Phad Ta-Khai
(Fried beef with lemon grass, onion and peppers)

522. Gai Hor Bai Teoy
(Fried Chicken baked in Pandanus leaves) 

523. Tom Seap Nuer Toon
(Isarn style Hot Pot with Beef brisket)

524. Nuer Toon Phat Pong Curry
(Fried beef Brisket with Curry sauce and chili paste)


601. Kao Phat
(Thai Fried Rice with Pork, Beef or Chicken)

602. Kao Phat Goong Bai kaprao
(Fried Rice with Prawn and sweet basil and chili)

603. Kao Phat Kapi
(Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste)

604. Kao Phat Bai kaprao
(Fried Rice with Basil and Choice of minced pork, beef or chicken with chili)

605. Kao Phat Talea
(Fried Rice with Seafood)

606. Kao Phat Saparot
(Fried Rice with Pineapple)

607. Kao Pha Chef
(Tuk Tuk's special fried rice)

608. Kao Phat Prik Kai
(Fried Rice with Chili)

609. Kao Phat Keang Kieo Wan Gai
(Chicken fried rice with green curry sauce)

610. Kao Bao
(Plain Rice)


701. Phad Pak Raum
(Pan fried mixed vegetables)

702. Phad Pak Raum Talay
(Fried mixed vegetables with assorted seafood)

703. Phad Pak Raum Moo
(Fried mixed vegetables with pork)

704. Phad Pak Raum Nuer
(Fried mixed vegetables with beef)

705. Pak Tom Ga Thi
(Boiled mixed vegetables in coconut milk)

706. Pak Bung Fai Daeng
(Fried morning glory with garlic and chili)

707. Makhea Yao Phad Prik
(Stir-fried eggplant with chili, soy bean sauce and minced pork)

708. Pak Ruam ob Mor Din
(Mixed vegetables with glass noodles - vermicelli - in a clay pot)


801. Pad Thai
(Fried Rice Noodles with prawns, beancurd, beansprouts, preserved radish, chives and crushed peanuts)

802. Guey Tiew Kee Maow Moo
(Fried broad noodles in chili, herb, basil and pork)

803. Guey Tiew Kee Maow Nuer
(Fried broad noodles in chili, herb, basil and beef)

804. Guey Tiew Kee Maow Gai
(Fried broad noodles in chili, herb, basil and chicken)

805. Guey Tiew Lard Nar Moo
(Fried broad noodles in a gravy of pork)

806. Guey Tiew Lard Nar Gai
(Fried broad noodles in a gravy of chicken)

807. Guey Tiew Phad Zee ew Moo
(Fried broad noodles in soy bean sauce with pork)

808. Guey Tiew Phad Zee ew Nuer
(Fried broad noodles in soy bean sauce with beef)

809. Guey Tiew Phad Zee ew Gai
(Fried broad noodles in soy bean sauce with chicken)

810. Guey Tiew Nuer Toon
(Soup Noodle with Beef brisket) 



901. Young Coconut

902. Iced Mixed Fruit with Coconut Milk

903. Iced Pineapple Fruit Juice

904. Iced Coconut Milk

905. Iced Logan fruit juice

906. Iced Lime Soda

907. Iced Rambutan fruit juice

908. Hot Tea (jug)

909. Fresh Mango Juice

910. Iced Lychee Juice

003. Mango Sticky Rice